Meet Quirky Cows new stockists, Donegal Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland… Find out more in this blog post about the sanctuary and there amazing donkeys.

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Sandra & Danny Founders of ‘Donegal Donkey Sanctuary’ in Ireland! They came over to England to pick up some of our donkey products to stock in there shop at the Sanctuary. We loved catching up with them and hearing all about there donkeys, there story is very heart warming and inspiring….

‘Husband and wife team Sandra & Danny Curran took in their first donkey as a result of a phone call from a family friend who found a starving & dehydrated donkey tied to a scrapped car in a bog. As time went by several more donkeys found their way into their care and the couple became known for their empathy and kindness towards these gentle beasts. By the time numbers had risen into the low twenties a decision was reached to become a more formal and organised entity so Donegal Donkey Sanctuary was born!

The sanctuary has gone from strength to strength over the last few years with the addition of a new stable block, large barn, tea room and gift shop funded by the Leader Programme/Donegal Local Development Company.

Animals come to the sanctuary in a variety of ways. Some are cruelty cases who have never known a kind word and have endured years of abuse and neglect. Others come from loving homes that can no longer care for them for a variety of reasons.’

Here at Quirky Cows are are proud to become one of the Sanctuary stockists! They now have the Donkey chopping boards, placemats, coasters, jugs and flasks in stock. We hope that one day we have the opportunity to go to Ireland and visit the Donkey Sanctuary. Find out more here –