Meet the artists – behind the Quirky Cows…

Hello Quirky cow followers and welcome to our February blog post!
A few weeks ago we posted on twitter about doing a blog post on ‘meet the artists’ and it got a great response, we understand that you like to know the ‘makers’ behind the products and in this case the ‘Quirky Cow’ painter behind the magnificent cows.

Artists Sharron Russell lives in the stunning Yorkshire Dales with her husband Mike , son John and daughter Hannah as well as there 13 family pets – so as you can imagine there house is quite chaotic!
Today we thought we would do a post in an interview style to artist Sharron Russell so you can find out more about her and her herd of quirky cows…
Questions & Answers 
  1. What inspired you to paint these cows?
My Husband actually! He asked me to paint a cow so I did. I loved brining the cow to life with it’s own quirky charm. To start with I wasn’t sure If my first painting was very good, I think it takes a lot of confidence to believe that you have created something that might be good, but my family told me it was ‘good’ and I should paint more…
  1. Have you always painted?
No, I’ve always loved art and being creative, I’ve painted on and off over the years but when children where younger I worked to bring some income in to my family home.
  1. How did you get in to painting?
I realised it’s what I wanted to do! I was looking for something to do that wasn’t so energetic! I had ME – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 10 years so I understand how important it is to look after yourself and be happy in what your doing.  I find painting a great form of therapy and even now if I’m feeling tired I end up painting and feeling so much better.
  1. How did you discover you had ME?
I had a virus years ago which was very much like flu and I didn’t recover. I visited the doctors a few times but didn’t get the answers I hoped for as I wasn’t any better or back to my old self. I had another dose of this ‘flu virus’ which really set me back and made me really poorly so I knew I had to find an answer. After another visit to the doctor they told me I had ME.
  1. All your cows have different names can you tell us more about that?
My grandad ‘Alf’ use to have a dairy farm and he named all his cows, so this inspired me to name my cows too!  I only name them after I’ve painted them as I need to see what they look like when I finish!
  1. Which is your favourite quirky cow?
I love them all, they brighten my day. My favourite is probably ‘Charlie’ after I painted him I had to keep the original so it’s proudly hung up on my wall in the kitchen!
  1. You’ve started painting other character to – Donkeys and stags?! What made you move from quirky cows.
I wanted to challenge myself – see if I could! I’ll always focus on cows, but my donkeys are really popular too, so I changed the brand name to ‘Quirky Cows and friends.’
  1. Do you have any advice for up and coming artists out there?
Paint when you feel like painting and love what you paint! There is no point in painting something you don’t like. My daughter is a writer and she can only write on the days she feels like it. I think when you have any job you shouldn’t ever put pressure on yourself.
9. What are your next plans for the Quirky Cow range?
This year I am going to be releasing a whole new rage of cows, I’ve recently just launched ‘Cherry Blossom’ to the herd and this spring will be brining out a series of products to the range.
As well as this I will be going to my first trade show which I can really excited about, my daughter Hannah is helping me get everything together.
I’m also going on a painting workshop later this week for ‘recycled furniture’ I have a bit of a random creative idea so you might see a few different things coming to my website soon…

If you have any questions than just get in touch via the contact page or get in touch via social media…! 

Sharron Russell

Quirky Cow Artist